Friday, July 27, 2007


FINALLY. More pictures shot in Langkawi last week. Took a long time to edit cos 1. I shot mostly in RAW format so the size is cosmic. 2. I don't have a Mac book Pro and I want one. grrrrr. Anyways, pics from Amy & Roshan's wedding, some from the cable car place and then there was this little girl from the resort. No, she's real tho' she kinda spooked us a little bit.

Top - Bottom:
1. Wedding reception. Cantik, right? 2. The really friendly and cute flower girls. 3. Scary lil' Kim 4. Cable car ride 5. Ad & Diana 6. Mien, "the asst. photographer" 7. Asses galore 8. Us cam-whoring :P

(more on the wedding...)


Mel said...

Great fun you had over in Langkawi and wonderful wedding. Aaaa~ so I wish I can visit Langkawi once again... *wishfully thinking...*

Bibik Nyonya said...

gorgeous pics! I especially liked the last one. So candid yet so relaxed. Ha ha ha!