Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reality. Suck much

I was sold out by a colleague today. And, the funny thing is I was not angry. On normal circumstances, I would be boiling inside, cursing her, and wish she'd roll over and drop dead. But, nothing of the above.

Even I found it peculiar. This was what happened.

2 months ago: Commitment

We took up a project to do up a client's office. She led the project and I assisted in overseeing the project by following her instructions - we were basically assigned to do up the interior fit-out of the office (2 rooms only) and not the interior design. I sent out the orders for furniture, lightings, and soft furnishing. We even did some shopping of accessories.

I was given the task to do up one small room and the outcome was stunning. The client was very pleased, more so, the person who is using the room in the future. Whilst the room done up by her turned out pretty good except that she screwed up a table (size). "Nevermind we could alter the arrangement," she said. So we did as per her plan.

Today: Rearrangement

The client requested us to rearrange the furniture because she does not like the current arrangement. My colleague had to do it and came out with a plan. I was given the instructions to follow the plan and while we were at site, I overheard her saying to the clients that what we are doing (the new arrangment) today is SUPPOSED to be the initial plan.

I continued to do my work with my staff although I was quite hurt by her remark. I was not angry. I was hurt because the first time I did the arrangement with my staff, it was as according to her plan. When the client complained, she did some damage control, came out with a new plan, and changed it today. She took the credit and inadvertently, I became the "stupid" or "incompetent" person.

I reckon people are selfish. More so if the person wants to "save face" rather than saving the integrity of his/her staff or colleagues. I am actually quite disgusted and utterly disappointed.

Quoting Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), "Reality continues to ruin my life."


adrien said...

gosh, now i'm worried.

Mel said...

Well... Since it had already happened, I guess nothing much you can do to alter the outcome. Just let it be as it is and try to avoid being set in the same position again. Meanwhile, live through it with smiles. It is merely another suck reality. *smile and having my cup of chmomile tea...*

Legolas said...

Give her the special tea, do not let her go by just like that... Grrr.

Bibik Nyonya said...

I used to have a lady boss from hell last year. Now she has phybroid in her uterus. Nuff said. Ha ha ha!

ethnwg said...

adrien: welcome to real world!

mel: Yea. I've moved on and let her do whatever she wants. I strongly believe in karma. In this lifetime of hers :p

Leggie: "Special tea". Maybe i will b extra nice & she become more psyched for my niceness. Killing her softly LOL