Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Way I Are

I had to attend to a Korean customer who looked like that plump Korean gal from one of the whacky MTV ads that has a hot guy friend (whom I think she's the fag hag in the ad :p) on a very quiet Monday mid morning.

She was obviously buying a very last minute gift to her friend as she was fumbling and looking all stressed out while selecting the gift. It was also partly cos she had a "Britney" daughter whom look like the young bisexual Korean-American Margeret Cho. She speaks a hell of a good English, tho; imagine how all the other female teenagers speak in America.

"Do you, ah, wrap gift?" the mother asked politely without looking at me.

"Yes, we do gift wrapping. I have got some wrappers over here," I showed her.

Korean mommy spoke Korean to her Korean daughter. She replied in one breath rather effortlessly. Really amusing, the language. Just so you know, I do not watch Korean TV series and am not a fan tho' I think Rain is hot.

"I tink Olenge is nice. Um, white?" she seems to be speaking to herself while selecting the wrappers whilst Korean daughter was checking out the ribbons. Almost 2 minutes later, she decided on orange.

"I want this to be a MASSSterpiece!" the Korean daughter all of a sudden said out loud while I was wrapping up the candle holder with the ribbon they had selected.

"O-K! But, how would a massssterrrpiece gift looks like?" I asked if with a bit of sarcasm.

"A masterpiece gift is like, erm, a masterpiece! It has to be loyal!" she said. Each syllyable was perfectly enunciated.

"Loyal? How do you mean?" I was puzzled.

"A loyal masterpiece! Like, an art, you know?" she smiled and her hands were up in the air rather dramatically.

I was curious: "What'd you like to be when you've grown up?"

"What does it matter to you?" she snapped very quickly. "I wanna be an actress!" she announced dramatically.

Her mom giggled and I could see she was kinda embarassed.

"Good choice! You could be a great actress!" I said truthfully.

She ignored me and starting criticising my gift wrapping skill. I am a little flustered but amused at how eloquent she is. They eventually left the store happily with my "masterpiece".

She, little Korean "Britney" returned today wearing a pair of Croc - one side pink and the other in blue.

"Oh look who's here!" I announced out loud.

She smiled.

"Are you here for lunch?"

"OBVIOUSleeeee!" she retorted.

"O-K. Miss drama-queen." I said that a little too soft.

"I see you have one side of your shoe to match your top (blue) and the other side with your tamagotchi!" I was a little friendlier now afterall she IS only 8.

"Is it any of YOUR business? And, by the way, it is tama-GO-CHI. Not, tama-GUCCI!"

"Right. I did say tamagochi. I speak a little Japanese, don't try me!"

"I spoke a ... errrr. Korean!"

"Ha-ha. I speak a little Korean, too! Kim-chi!"


I attempted to say thank you in Korean but it came out sounding like thank you in Hokkien followed by "your mother" in cantonese. She got more confused and eventually, I gave up cos she did not stop after that; I have completely forgotten how much energy kids have tho' I did have fun teasing her.


adrien said...

eekz! don't know whether its the inaccuracy of writing words compared to spoken ones, but i can't help but to feel a lil agitated and annoyed at the girl! think Finding Nemo's Darla, or Rugrats' Angelica annoying. it's amazing that you could layan her effortlessly. for an eight year old, she's got spunk.

Legolas said...

I swear my kids will not be like that. They'll get rotan sooner than they mutter out those lines. La boyfriend will do that. I'm a kind, friendly and gentle Daddy. ;-p

savante said...

Yeah, I would have slipped her some poisoned tea myself.

Bibik Nyonya said...

Ha ha ha....that sure was an interesting post. I for one do not really favour korean kids in my school. Really a handful. 7 year old korean girl caught cilmbing the flagpole. can u imagine the boys???