Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Weekends!

Top to bottom:
1. Cup Cakes galore! 2. "Hairy" Potter (Chk our Daniel in d upcoming issue of Detail) 3. Spinning doggy 4. Coffee Beans 5. Ad 6. Delicious German cheese cake frm Coffee Beans 7. Toys R NOT us 8. Lost/Cute tourist 9. Clowning around 10. BTS Bazaar 11. Chatty Ad & Mom 12. Toy train on a Conveyor belt!!

The rest was shot in Rakuzen & Johnny's place celebrating aunty Sophia's & Johnny's bday respectively. WHAT A WEEKEND!

More pics at Muse Studio


adrien said...

OMG THE Wii!!!! SO FUN!!! *greens with envy*

Legolas said...

I always like to have a game console but never really think they are worth it somehow... Should I get one?

Muse Studio said...


that DAMN thing is darn addictive and it is a good work out esp. if u dont fancy hitting the gym or running on tar road

i esp love the boxing & tennis games


ps: leggie, it's pretty cheap now...last i chk was RM950, the cracked ver.