Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Wedding and a very darn good wedding!

Back from a very short (but sweet) trip from Langkawi. Just so you know, I have not been to Langkawi since 1991. Yes, it has been that long. Back before when I was still a virgin. Errr....

ANYways, I am currently editing some pictures that I have shot - quite a handful; mainly covering not the bride and the groom cos I was a little intimidated by the actual photographer and his huge camera and lenses. LOL. Shy mah. (Amy will be so disappointed).

The wedding was one most unconventional wedding I've attended (not that I attend a lot of weddings) cos it was cosy - mostly family members from all over the world; entertaining - live performances from friends. No, no, Karaoke session, please. Original stuff and then some cover versions. My personal favorite has got to be the acoustic version of Rihanna's "Umbrella"; It was also a very touching & warm evening - everyone was so genuine and sincere in making the wedding a great party incl. family members and friends that it was really nice to see.

The video presentation was whacky, absolutely hilarious and the music used is spot on! (Not a single romantic song in the video; maybe, there was Travis or Coldplay which is hardly romantic or sappy compared to Whitney's "I will always love you"). I have got to give it to the bride cos she is so passionate in doing what she does it ultimately turned out really well (fyi, she's part of the production team in the new reality TV on ntv7, "The Firm"). Great, great wedding.

Meantime, I shall leave you with more than a couple of pics (some my personal favorite).


Stay tune for more, more, more ;)


Mr Wanna said...

Where did the wedding take place? I've been to one wedding at the four seasons in langkawi and i absolutely LOVED it! Beach wedding rocks! :)

savante said...

Oh no! It rained at the wedding!

Ah-Bong said...

nice piccies... so lurve them... :-)

adrien said...

great pictures, as always.

did the rain affect the wedding? i see matching red umbrellas! (and a lil shoe check too lol)

ethnwg said...

thank you all guys!

it drizzled for a bit but i love the "umbrella effect". It will go down the history well some more it is Red!