Monday, July 16, 2007

Empress, lattes, amber chia & some BOs

It rained a total of 8 hours the whole friggin' day yesterday. Our biz at the Curve was affected; but that didnt stop people from peeping at our stall even when it was drizzling (and the number of inquiries was satisfying, too) :)

Two of Ad's frens dropped by and hung out with us for a little less than 1 hour (of the total hours we've operated ie 8 hrs) at Empress Cafe. It was such a nice meeting under the rain with cups of lattes, americano & iced lemon tea talking about anything and everything from yoga, premonition, amber chia to design, "psychopaths" & smelly armpits.

I've also managed to shoot some pictures when I was at Empress Cafe using my D40x.


11th & us


Ah-Bong said...

i totally love your 1st and 2nd photos. totally amazingly artistic... :D

adrien said...

ditto. you've got an eye for detail, that's for sure.

Legolas said...

You have a stall at the Curve?! Which one?!?!

ethn said...

thanks guys. still @ the learning stage

leggie, i do.