Friday, August 24, 2007

Factory Girl

I had just finished watching "Factory Girl" which tells the story of a socialite (also an icon), Edie Sedgwick who was also Andy Warhol's muse of the pop art scene in the 60s. Sienna Miller, who played Edie, did a very, very good job playing the decadent lifestyle of the socialite. She embraces the role with 110% commitment that you could tell she is very comfortable even if she has to appear nude in a few scenes.

If you haven't known already, Edie Sedgewick was more famous for her fashion sense than her acting (seriously, Andy Warhol's movies require no acting classes). Think chandelier, chunky earrings and accessories, the bob that Posh spice is so famous for now (they've a new term for it - "Pob"), the sexy fur coat - she's gorgeous. If you start to look around, the fashion now is relateable to the 60s if not somewhat cross over to the 80s whacked-up erm, fashion (high-waisted jeans is back! Cringe)

Guy Pearce, who played the aloof and quirky Andy Warhol spotted an uncanny resemblance of the pop art icon that I swear to you he's quite freaky. Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen, and Mena Suvari did a commendable job, too. Unfortunately, the movie received only lukewarm response from the critics to my surprising discovery. Screw the critics cos I love the movie, and Edie Sedgwick - she gives me another reason to love the crazy yet classy 60s.

"Poor Little Rich Girl" & "Vinyl" both by Andy Warhol featuring Edie Sedgwick. Images obtained from Harvard Film Archive & Wikipedia.

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savante said...

Wouldn't be surprised if it had a tragic ending :(