Thursday, March 23, 2006

we don't need a reason

i am relieved but i am unhappy. it is unclear or unknown to me why is that so.

maybe i was agitated with the car salesman who sorta raised his voice when i questioned his integrity. i have, as a customer, all the rights to question him in any ways i want to because i am givin' him biz. is it wrong to question him if the 2nd hand car dealer is paying me cash or cheque to take over my car? and, if it is cheque, i would prefer to release the car only after the cheque is cleared? what if he took my car and the check was invalid? it is not an uncommon practice in malaysia to do that (wait for the cheque to be cleared) and i was not implying that i do not trust him. i was merely checking with him and am protecting my interest. it is not a small amount we are talking about here eventho he thinks otherwise.

fuck. i knew i will regret it when i've chosen him over the other guy to purchase the car. i hate to feel not trustworthy but i am so fed up of ppl taking advantage of me. so sick.

perhaps, i should get over this and accept the fact that there are simply ppl like him out there and that i should not feel guilty. he, i believe now, is indeed the poorest performer in his company in comparison with his other colleagues and that was a confession he made to me. of cos, everything he said before, i took it with a pinch of salt.

the other thing that is bothering me is that the govt announced that local and imported cars price will be reduced. when? we do not know. and because of this announcement, i had to sit down and contemplate if i should buy this car now or wait. my boss was overjoyed when she picked up the news this mornin' and shared the news with me when i clocked in. but, i was torn.

in fact some 2 years back, they (the govt) said the same thing and nothing concrete followed up after that. perhaps, the increase of petrol price and the obvious economy slowdown and inflation are indication that they should implement the price reduction sooner than they had planned. but this is the govt we're talking about here. they are fickle-minded and unpredictable. i can either wait and be letdown by a mere 5% reduction but a higher bank interest rate or snap up the deal that has been offered to me now.

i did some quick calculation. the difference, even by 10% reduction, is not so significant. unless, perhaps, i'm buying a beemer or an SUV.

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