Tuesday, March 28, 2006

get life, no style

hola! i had just came back from Pulau Perhentian! i had a lot of fun and a lot of tan for the four days i was there! hehe... managed to get my mind cleared off a bit and relax. it was nothing but eat, sleep, snorkel, eat, games, drinks, eat, sleep, and more snorkelling. totally away from the crazy traffic and chaotic life in the city.

im so glad i was there (not back)

i just saw the firrrst episode of 'life in style', a talk show created and hosted by socilalite Ms Mi-Ki Choong on 8tv. it was appalling! her presentatation was mediocre. her hair was so flat it makes her face looks like 'char siew pao'. an oily one if i must add. the design and concept scream boring!! i was cringing listening to her interviewing Datin Tiara Jacquelina. Tiara must be like, 'Girl, stop bobbing ur head! and ask intelligent questions!'

bad. so bad. whoever wanna come up with a talk show should totally watch it to learn a thing or two. we need not a talk show that not only WOW us but give us that BANG factor! like, i got it! millions will tune it and all yaknw. like 'Simple Life'. man, i hate to admit this but watching paris hilton and nicole richie doin' their thang (not much but acting all stupid and blonde, really) was more fun.

well, tune in and drop out. lay-ta.

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