Friday, March 3, 2006

oscar, the amazing race

the rich, the famous, the beautiful, the artistic, the narcistic, the fucked ups the ugly ...

yes, it is the time of the year again. no, im not talking about The American Idol 5 (which is gettin' a tad bit boring esp the friggin' Simon Cowell and his predictable comments) but, The Oscars which will be telecast live via satellite come Monday the 6th. i have just sent out email to some of my friends to fill up the Oscar Ballot and asked them to vote for their favorites or the nominee that is likely to win in the different categories.

  1. BEST PICTURE: Brokeback Mountain
  2. BEST DIRECTOR: Ang Lee for BrokeBack Mountain
  3. BEST ACTOR: Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote (Heath deserves it, too; but, a flamboyant/psychotic and gay investigator? It's gotta be Phillip Seymour cos he long deserves this recognition)
  4. BEST ACTRESS: Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line
  5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener
  6. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: George Clooney for Syriana (Jake was good but George Clooney was believable)
  8. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Brokeback Mountain
  9. BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Travellin' Thru for Transamerica
  10. BEST SCORE: Brokeback Mountain
  12. BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

And the amazing race is on! Yes, both at the Oscar and The Amazing Race, season 9! i've got some favorite teams and teams that i totally loathe, such as 'The Frosties' and the 'Pink Girls' (they epitomise the 'Stupid Girls' in Pink's latest Pink and Stupid Girls and Pink Girls. hmm...uncanny). too bad that the 'girly' boys were eliminated last week cos i tot it would be fun to see them in the race esp. with their hilarious remarks and antics.

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