Wednesday, March 8, 2006

crash, broke, BLAH!

and the best picture goes to... 'CRAP'.

alrite, alrite. i am still hung up over the fact that Brokeback Mountain (BM) did not win the Best Picture in the recent oscar. and i am utterly disappointed with the oscar committees for voting Crash over BM. i knw some of you mite think that i am voting for BM cos im PLU, and therefore, i support BM more than any of the movies nominated. wrong.

aamof, i rooted for BM for this category because ang lee directed a movie on a subject that no one dares to touch - homosexuality. not especially if ur a director who is famed for churning out blockbusters/big hits. no one does a gay movie cos it just doesnt sell! and on top of that, there are just too many bigots and stereotyping honchos out there that do not or will not want to be associated with such a taboo subject.

BM is beautiful love story with great cinematography and screenplay adapted from an equally good writer. The talented young casts were another good reason that this movie deserves the award. and, the director, ang lee, who believes that no subject is not worth an attempt as long as it is for the sake of art. Crash, well, is an intensely emotional story about racism. i cant help but to compare it with Amores Pedros, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inniaritu, which is my all time favorite movie, but Crash. mmmmm ...

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