Saturday, March 11, 2006

dude, how is this car?

the first time i laid my eyes on a Suzuki Swift, it was love at first like, like all things with great designs. ipod, sony ericsson w810 (walkman phone series), motorola razr & silvr, murano glass chandelier (see picture below), flos range of lightings, Giogali chandelier, and the many funky stuff found here ... Design within Reach.

i'd use everything from this place to decor my house!

but i digress.

yes, Swift. love at first sight. but reality sets in when i saw the price tag of the car. RM84 grand for this little fella? i know it's sexy, sporty and it suits me, but, RM84 grand? no way jose!

and, that was months ago. im now back shopping for cars again cos just last week a Chevrolet car promo at The Curve made me think about getting a new car because the deal is friggin' darn good! They basically are giving the buyer RM4k for any purchase of their car! OR, you could opt for a brand new DELL laptop, SONY video cam etc for each purchase. so, that lured me to look at Aveo5, which isn't too bad except that im quite bothered by the round dashboard, round air-con um, 'window'? hehe... everything is roundish inside the car! nevertheless, the salesperson was very friendly. within 2 days he actually called up and arranged with me to see how much my car is valued at if i were to trade-in with them. very efficient i must say, and they are givin' me a pretty good deal. but i need a 2nd opinion. thus, i started asking around...

the response wasn't very encouraging at all, to say the least, especially from my brother in law who knows a lot about cars. he adviced me about the resell value, the maintenance, particularly the expensive spare parts and worse, the lack of it. i thought to myself, should i be affected with what he had adviced me? i did more research about this car online and asked around my friends. some was clueless, others had given me more than i need - thanks, dan! after much thought, my attention is back on Swift, again! i made an appointment to see the showroom in Aman Suria this evening for a test drive.

THE RESULT: Sssssssmoking! very smooth, very quiet - it's like, driving in a beemer. absolutely comfortable and very stylish and sexy. i feel sexy driving that car! ad was at the rear sit and he totally likes it, too. and the best bit, they are givin' me a darn good deal! it's a 5 star definitely for a compact car. my only and the littlest problem is that the passenger seat (rear seat) is a tad too small. oh wat the hell!

sis adviced me earlier to consider Toyota Vios, which is not a bad sedan, really. chinese r a practical bunch - they buy cars that are big, interior and exterior, high resell value, low maintenance.... basically, they want the best out of the kaching they are paying. [no offence to those who do not fall into this category] i understand her concern and she wants the best for me. but i'm gonna go against the grain.

*taking a deeeeeeeeeep breath*


Oh Sinful One said...

my oh my... you are LOADED... can I test-drive your Swift once you get it???

_ethnwg said...

Hahaha... i'm really not. just CONTEMPLATING about changin' my decade old car b4 it is completely obsolete. i really love a Swift. i have bn thinkin abt it even at sleep! darn! tat's bad, i swear to ya :p