Wednesday, May 17, 2006

super wish!

darn cute, isnt it? this is a super cool wish i've got for my burfday this yr.

thanks so much, ru, for tis super cool wish (i lurrve tat sexy smooch/pose)...very creative.

and of cos, ad, for his super good, super delicious gourmet-style diner last nite & for puttin' up with my request (and all d other shenanigans) to go tiffin bay after that eventho u were in so much pain. and missy v for playin' the role of a muse/clown. and, yes, mr teo for ditching us at the very darn last min. idiot.

and most of all, those who had sent me smses greetings, msn, yahoo & phone calls. it means much, seriously. no need huge-ass gift. jus huge-ass muack can do.

love u lots!

ps: more pics coming soon. stay tune.

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