Saturday, May 27, 2006

the last stand

we caught x:3, the last stand two nites ago over at GSC midvalley. there are few things i'd like to say about GSC cinema online purchase system. 1) it is inefficient in terms of tickets collection procedures 2) ticket collection machine that looks like an ATM machine is a total failure because it doesnt work (one utama) or it fails to work (midvalley)

the next time u think u got it first before anyone else by purchasing movie tickets on GSC website, think again cos it is very likely that you'd end up with unnecessary frustration and stress. i think these guys need to sit down and improvised the system. at least, test the damn machine for ticket collection until it is fully functional and faultless before letting the public use it. it is really quite stressful to be redirected from one place to another just to collect tickets that you have purchased. i mean,

ok i have started to sound like Patrick Teoh (read 'Off the Edge' last page and you'd know why). let's talk about x:3 now :p

i enjoyed the movie but it is not as good as the 2nd installation. maybe cos there were deaths in the movie and i feel that the deaths of the character sort of make xmen not so much a team anymore. i dunno. go watch it. im not abt to give a long review :P

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