Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol

and the winner is....

taylor hicks! *hiccups* hehe.. ok, ok, simon says... he is the idol the nite before and so he became one cos really he deserved it. and yes, simon was right. or he thinks he was (remember he didnt think taylor would get to the final 12?) and i knw the pic is NOT taylor hicks that's cos for multiple other reasons besides she being so gorgeous. see, i'd rather have katherine's pic on my blog than taylor hicks. taylor, i can play ur music on my cd player.

the 'live' finale was on astro channel 70 this morning at 8am and we missed a good 3/4 of the show when we got up. i managed to catch the other half of the show and i was very impressed with ALL the contestants and the show these AI ppl had put up. the singing was perfect, the clothes was right, the make-up was subtle, the guest stars line-up was absolutely impressive - hullo, dione warwick singing live? i knw she's a dinosaur but she IS the dione warwick and she is a legend - it was the highlight of the show, i must say. but, i missed out Prince's performance with the rest of them so that might just be as good. tho i cant say for ms braxton, and well, mary j blige's performance was aye, too.

and here are some of the pics taken in tiffin bay/jazz lounge in Starhill on my burfday. click on my flickr for more pictures!

{from top} dinner prepared by ad - yummy! <> ad & missy v posing effortlessly <> ad chilling out <> me chilling out - chk out klcc! <> missy v diggin' on the super sinful desserts

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