Friday, May 12, 2006

technology & me

a lot of ppl will be surprised if i were to tell them that i have a degree in IT. why? cos i simply do not look like i will pursue a degree in Information Technology. that's it! i just dont! and, i am not about to start on the story on why & how i got into it and managed to complete it (it surprises me until today how i even passed my programming subjects, really).

so. if i dont look like an IT person then what do i look like? now, this is interesting. many a time, ppl would assume that i am a fashion designer, which is not too bad a compliment. but, more than half of the time, i have been assumed as, get this, a hairstylist! haha! that's hilarious, right? i guess it is my "funky" hairstyle. however, i just am not comfortable when someone assumes that i am one. dont get me wrong. i think hairstylists are cool ppl and it is a great profession. everyone needs a haircut, yaknw, money-making biz. but i just am not comfortable. so there ya go. me, IT and designs.

well let's talk about design & IT. i think i recently talked about how much i dig sony ericsson's walkman mobile phones in one of my posts. i personally do not carry an SE mobile phone tho' i used to own the T610 (incidentally, that model brought sony ericsson back in the mobile biz after long suffering from bad designs and competition with the ever-popular nokia mobile phones).

the recent released of the range of walkman phones or non-walkman mobile phones from SE got my tounge wagging! especially the W810i, which is the newer edition of the W810. apparently, they are not many differences between the two except for it's super-chic black against the bright orange screen color and maybe the keypads. but, i dig tat. i totally dig tat. i'm a black mobile-phone person.

the other model, soon-to-be-released, w300i has got me going wild. not only it is the first clamshell-design for walkman phone, it is also avail. in black with external memory card to boot. darn sexy (online pics) eventho ive yet to see the actual piece.

so there. my attempt to be erm, technology savvy. i know, i know... not quite there. or was it just me being a sucker for everything nice...and expensive? geez, i think i am a design-whore!


:: on the local issues bit

Out of the "Blue"
follow-up to the very 'hangat' news about a local MP telling the local custom to 'close one eye' for the illegal import of Indonesian timber, the media managed to dig out (more) skeleton out of his closet when it was revealed that he is the Director of the company, 'Purnama Mutiara', "a company once hauled up by Malacca Customs for attempting to smuggle some 7,000 pirated VCDs, 2,000 of them pornographic, to Indonesia".

i mean, dood! ur sooo busted, man! and i really think this is a very embarassing news for the country and also for the government. here our most 'sayang' PM wish is to demolish corruption, we've got this dood over in Malacca embroiled in possibly the most corrupted shits any living MPs had ever committed previously. and he doesnt seem to be shitting in his pants, yet. he takes the cake, man!

How not to die in Klang Valley
KUALA LUMPUR: Twelve vehicles were damaged by falling scaffolding from a 30-storey building under construction in Lorong Bunus on Wednesday — one of several such incidents reported in the city centre in the past five months.No one was injured in the latest mishap, but at least six car owners suffered damage to their vehicles.Most of the victims received immediate compensation from the sub-contractor, Tanjung Teras Sdn Bhd.

this gives me the creeps since the last news about a doctor who was killed in Hartamas when a 700kg concrete mould crushed his BMW. that was not death caused by the mother nature. it was simply negligence by the construction workers. i am not parking my car near any construction sites.

Man, 86, accused of Causing Death?
KUALA LUMPUR: All eyes at the magistrate’s court in Ampang yesterday followed a frail 86-year-old man, complete with hearing aid, shuffling towards the dock.Senior citizen Khoo Seang Keng was the centre of attention as he was accused of reckless driving which caused the death of 25-year-old Sophina Mohd Akhir.The incident occurred in Jalan Memanda 10 at 11am on Jan 2. Sophina, who was riding a motorcycle to work, suffered head injuries in a collision with a Proton Wira driven by Khoo.The sales assistant succumbed to her injuries without regaining consciousness.

i think old uncle should not drive! no, i am not against old ppl or anything like that. it is cos i have had a bad experience once (near death) in KL city centre. it happened when i was driving around Ampang (near Mutiara International School) with my boss. we were trying to look for a client's house in Ukay Heights and we were kinda lost but, i was driving very slow to look for the landmarks. at a t-junction, i saw a car on my left hand side checking out cars on the main road & i thought nothing of it until almost about 150metres away the driver suddenly took off and almost knock my car! my boss had a out of the body experience when that happened. i was so shocked and furious that i started to swear! it turned out that the driver was a very old, and frail uncle that looks like this
dood who is caught for reckless driving. scary shits, man. but, i feel for this uncle because i believe he did not mean to kill the girl. still, the family member should not have let him

*news excerpts from NST, 12th May edition

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