Wednesday, May 24, 2006

say it in French, monsieur

French AIDS campaign advertisements.

Scorching! i mean, the spider & the scorpion hehe... what i like about these ads, besides the hot models, is that it is so effective. i would stop and look if it is featured on a glossy magazine, yaknw what i mean. imagine if they billboardised it. it'll stop traffic! haha... and if you noticed, the setting is all in white. cool bedroom (see picture two)

i have noticed something recently from my blog. that 1) i do not blog anything about the gym or the gym i go to or ANYTHING regarding gym! 2) i do not blog about the hugely popular, (also overrated) American Idol 5 - for the cavemen, it is semi-final tonite

amazing, isnt it? i mean, i watch 'American Idol' (tho not religiously) cos, really, there isnt anything interesting on Wednesday nites besides Grey's Anatomy *giggles* and no, that is not my porn collection. and i go to the gym pretty religiously but i do not write about any of these two subjects. i guuess i just kinda skipped these whenever i am online. funny how the brain works. it is like the other day i so wanted to download some songs from so and so artist, and then when i logged on, KWISHHH! i don't have a fucking idea! or, when you want to text to a fren, say Mr. A, but you are talking to Ms. B at the same time about Mr. C and TOOOT, u sent to the Mr. C whom you were talking about with Ms. B and not Mr. A! can u imagine ur bitching abt this person and then he/she received it? for instance, ur boss? yikes! i have to say it is largely due to the amount of caffeine i take everyday. i'd like to conspire my brain to think that way haha.... someday, i swear to u, the effect of caffeine will take it's toll on my body. b4 it does so, please do not bitch about someone while typing ur text msg.

until then, i think i need a cuppa of expresso con panna. nehh, those little cup with a shot of expresso and whip cream on top? DÉLICIEUX!

ps: i think i have forgotten to remember to post something. can anyone help me?

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