Monday, May 29, 2006

my new addiction

"Whoever said winning wasn't everything...never held a scalpel."

that was the opening narration by one of the lead actress in one of the most popular tv series in US of A at the moment. Grey's Anatomy. eversince i caught one episode on tv3 long, long time ago, i had fallen in love with it. but that time my interest was still lukewarm. i guess it is the fact that it was shown on, well, tv3. so i missed the following episodes until Star World on Astro announced that they will show GA on their channel. i endeavour not to miss an episode since. just like wentworth miller. i mean, Prison Break.

i've got so hooked to this show that i actually bought First Season, part I, on dvd two days back. i saw it and instantly i wanted it. tho' there were only 9 episodes but i knew i had to have it. and i did (plus it was quite a good deal). and no, i did not buy Prison Break. sorry wentworth.

here are 5 reasons why i love Grey's Anatomy (no, i dont need 10): -

  1. the strength of the show does not (fully) rely on good looking actors. of cos, i really do not mind good lookin' ppl at all. aw c'mon, you think Desperate Housewives will work if they replace Teri Hatcher with Bette Midler and Eva Longoria with Rosie from Will and Grace (Karen's maid)?
  2. the camaraderie of the actors are so great you can almost see them hangin' out with each other even after the end of season one
  3. i love every single character in the show incl. alex. yes, alex the frat boy aka jerk - u need a jerk in every series to make it more interesting. no?
  4. the music! how can you miss the music! each episodes they play at least 5 different songs. and at any given time, i would play 'guess who is the singer' with ad. the music they have chosen so far is darn good and makes the scene/s so effective
  5. the script. sometimes funny, sometimes intelligent, and many times, intriguing (see below for fav. quotes)

"Of course, now you know every time he gets a rise, he'll be thinking of you." - Miranda to Issie.

"She's the vice president of fantasyland." - Christina, about Issie, to Meredith

<> our new drug, grey's anatomy. we are so hooked


:: dan lain-lain bits

  • will & grace has ended it's run and the finale was shown over in the States recently. my fren had the opportunity to watch it (no, she is not in USA) and got all teary eyes. im gonna miss jack and karen :(

  • i hate the Apple AND Sony Ericsson people because they have recently launched some really nice, and cool shits. here's the tagline for mac book: '"Introducing the superfast, blogging, podcasting, do everything out-of-the-box mac book." urghhhh....what-ever....i will endeavour to get a mac pro. damn it.

  • still on the topic of Apple, they have recently opened a retail shop in Fifth Avenue. yes, Fifth Avenue as in New York. nice one.

  • Suzuki recently launched the new look for Suzuki Swift 2006. borrrrrrrrrring *pout*

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