Wednesday, May 3, 2006

fashion music

strange that i have already received free gifts even before my birthday. but i guess it is all good cos it's FREE! i've got a spa treatment for free and coffee and cakes, too. how cool is that rite? guess it paid off for joining all this membership and, of cos, credit cards. evil evil...

i was in midvalley a couple of days ago and they were having fashion shows at the centre court... it is called, 'Out of the Box' or something. the line up was Bonia, and then Eclipse. we skipped Bonia for obvious reason and headed for dinner. after dinner, we managed to catch the entire show for Eclipse (for the uninitiated, it is a homegrown brand by a popular local designer, Sonny San). the collection was pretty boring to say the least and Amber Chia ... my God. somebody must tell her to stop. just STOP MODELLING, or ENDORSING any products. she sucks! her pose, same same, and she has totally lost the sexy appeal compared to when she first came out. that's what happened when you are too greedy. sad. but i love the music they play for the fashion show ... we were imagining the place if it is turned into a discotheque. that'd be darn cool! haha.... i reckon it was cos there was a bunch of hotties who were next to us. one of them is the local designer Jonathan Cheng.

anyways, hotties aside, here is some top music that's been spinnin on my player (damn it, not on my iPod cos i fcking don hv one, yet). it's my car stereo ;)

  1. SOS - Rihanna
    Scorching young thing from Barbados. THIS song, mark my words, will garner more ppl's attention than her first single. It's cos of the superhot mtv. a handful of good songs in her eponymous album. chk it out if u dig SOS.
  2. Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson
    yes. the most popular idol in the world. i tot she rocks when her 2nd single, "Since u been gone" caught my attention. i remember how one of my frens dissed her. oh well, you cant please everyone, they say. "Walk Away" is darn cool albeit very Pink. this gal comes a long long way
  3. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
    ok, ok... i knw this song got popular cos of American Idol but i got noticed of it waaay before American Idol used it as the official send off song, and ever since that, it became so popular, it shot all the way (back) up to No. 1 in the top Billboard 100
  4. If I were You - Hoobastank
  5. Control Myself - LL Cool J feat J Lo
    it is a very 90s sounding song that it's, there's j lo. she looks great in da video 2
  6. Views from the Afternoon - Artic Monkeys
    these lads from UK has got a lot of ppl paying attention to their music. they are a bit like The Athletes slash Coldplay. i'm not sure but i'm certainly checking the album out
  7. Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai
    i love this song especially if you play it when cruising on the highway... love it love it love it love it!
  8. Let's Never Stop Falling in Love - Pink Martini
    this is one of the many songs that i like from their second album. it's the kinda album that put a smile on your face when u play and once you play it you just want to sit back and relax...with ur fav book or fav person next to you...great for chilling out, too

i am really into chill out and jazzy shits these days. i listened to Corrine Rae Bailey's album recently and i totally have fallen in love with her voice just like when i first checked out Rachel Yamagata. nice ones! bsides, im a REAL sucker for nice design cover! dang! check out her website. im into fantasy like design ie floral, flowers, fairies, butterflies etc... bohemian shits. nice!


X-Eyed Jules said...

I think CRB is cool too. Not listening to anything else at the moment.

_ethnwg said...

hi. CRB is good isnt it? love her mellow, raspy voice. i do not understand how ppl can compare her or call her the next norah jones. pfffbt..