Monday, May 8, 2006

wanton 'cheese'

something about this poster that makes me really, really wanna watch this show. and of cos, the numerous articles i hv read abt it. i think mayb it is selena, whom remind me so much of a fren (heheh), or mayb it is the wanton mee. i hope to be able to catch this play sometimes next wk.

i spent the wknd hanging out in Liquid/Disco. it was a rather cold nite cos it pissed so much, we could see the river next to the club gushing down all the trash on the riverbanks. wait, was there a riverbank, or was there not? i must be too buzzed. anyways, i knew i would hv a lot of fun hangin' out with cheese, thus, i had asked him out even before d wknd was near. besides, i really wanted to party.

...and party we did! we wanted to hv a pre-drink session around PJ so i recommended Laundry - the spanking new hang out place in The Curve since ad's ma was around. i reckon we shud bring her out for a drink or something. but it was too bad cos it was packed and darn noisy, too. so we headed to TGIF...and ended up drinking lemonade :P

cheese was pretty well prepared by bringin some drinks. i actually tot to myself where are we gonna drink it. little did i knw he was plannin' to drink it in d car! we downed quite a lot of vodka, the 'ghetto style' while listening to "We Belong Together'. it was crazy fun. havent done crazy stuff like this for a long time.

met d rest of them in the bar. (oh they've got pretty good service by having some of their staff passing umbrellas to patrons who've parked nearby - unbelievable good service, isnt it?). we all danceed like mad cows. at least i think cheese, and mei's fren was totally having fun, man! they are WILD!!! haha... it is so fun to hang out w sporty ppl. kinda look fwd again but too bad cheese is leaving us soon to Seattle on the 19th. sigh...hope i get to visit him next yr.

on sunday, i did a bit of cooking again. i improvised my 'failed' pasta (read previous entry) and it turned out to be so delicious! i think im digging cooking now. hehe...

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