Monday, May 1, 2006

mission shenanigans


i wanna make a shout out: i'm fucking working on a LABOUR DAY! no, no, i do not own my own co. i simply hv to work on a day where all salaried people incl. bosses get a day off! except me!

ok, ok enuff bitching. geez, i cant stand myself sometimes *preen* on the flip side of the coin, i actually am glad i am in the office cos i managed to finish off a lot of work - both personal and work. it has been quite productive since i clocked in until now *raised eyebrow*

ad will be back on wed.

*be warned, missing lovers cliche ahead*

kinda miss waking up next to him and smelling him and kicking his arse! hehe... i have been laying low lately simply cos i wanna treat myself better. love myself more by spending more time with myself. yes, i love spending time with myself cos sometimes i think it will make us more sane? or, am i insane to admit that? i don think so...bsides, i hv to grab the bloody opportunity when i've got it, rite? (ad in hk, hullo??!) ... so, what have i done? i watched all the dvds we've bot but simply do not hv the time to watch it. one of it is Match Point by Woody Allen. Good stuff, i tell ya cos i really thought it was a romance story. it totally blown me away with the surprises towards the end. here's bits from the conversation between Nola (Scarlett Johanssen) and Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers):

Nola: So. Who is my next victim? You?
Chris: I haven’t played table tennis for quite a while.
N: Would u like to play for a thousand pound a game? C: What did I walk into?
*Chris hits the ball and Nola misses it* N: What did I walk into?
*Chris walks over to show Nola how to play ping pong* C: It’s like this. May I?
N: Please.
C: You have to lean to hit the ball.
N: I was doing just fine until you showed up.
C: Ah ... the story of my life. So tell me. What’s a beautiful American ping pong player doing mingling amongst the British upper class?
*Nola lights a cigarette*
N: Did anyone ever tell u u play a very aggressive game? C: Did anyone every tell u u’ve a very sensual lips?
N: Extremely aggressive.
C: I’m naturally competitive. Is it off-putting
N: I have to think about that for a while.

i personally feel that was one of the unforgettable scenes in the movie.

anyways, besides catchin up all on d dvds, i also tried my hands on ... cooking! i did two versions of spaghetti and the last one was not a failure per se. it was just missing something. i figured i need fresh basils or some greens the next time but yeah, i love to cook. i think i am so gonna get an oven soon.

the summer is here and yes, yes, yes! lotsa movies are gonna be in town and i am eagerly awaiting for X:3, Superman Returns, and a lot of other crazy summer blockbusters! except Mission Impossible 3.

i don think i need 10 reasons to hate that show. just one will do: Tom Cruise.

why? he's a bloody psycho! eat his wife's placenta? katie must give birth silently? condeming caesarian birth over natural birth? jumped like a chimpanzeee w his horsey toothy grin in Oprah and and stood on his own car on a movie premiere recently...gosh this twerp is whack! what POT ARE YOU SMOKING, dood??!

Tom Cruise attempt in snatching the title, Whacko Jacko, off Michael Jackson

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