Saturday, September 3, 2005

moving on/up

it has been a pretty busy week cos i had jus moved into a new place in kelana jaya. not an easy feat but i managed to do it... i mean, making the decision and taking the big leap to move out from my family house/s - first was ma n pa, then, sis and now, all on my own.

well, not entirely on my own per se. i moved in to this new place with a good fren of mine, adrian. we also rented out the other room to a very close fren of ours. her/his identity should remain undisclosed. anyways, when i first told ma about moving out from sis place, she didnt take it too well. she was frantic ... fanatic, actually. she went on lecturing me about getting married first and that it is not a good idea to move out cos you can become 'bad'. i was like, "jeez, ma. first of all, i wasnt even talking abt getting married. the subject here is about me moving out and as a courtesy, i feel that i should inform you and not really needing your consent. Second of all, at such ripe age, you actually think i could turn into a criminal? shucks!" she didnt heed. she went on bombarding me about moving out and not getting married which i should and moving out will make me a bad person. shocking, i knw; nonetheless, she toned down much later and actually listened. i got my so called 'green light' eventho i am 28 yo, can u believe that? no matter how old you are, i am still the 'baby' in the family. my sis was a little less dramatic but she offers me to move back if i decided to - that is, when everything didnt work out living outside. i shall prove everyone wrong.

anyhow, all was well. we moved in to this new place on the 27th of august but had it painted red, literally ;) the sunday before. it was very tiring but i must extend a BIG thank you to Missy V (see 5 pics below) for her great help. Thank you so very much and of cos, Adrian for being so patient. the place looks pretty messy still cos we lack storage spaces such as chest of drawers, cabinets, consoles etc. we need furniture and we're targeting to organise a housewarming party sometime early next mth. crossing my fingers that everything goes well by that time. we really hope to impress our guests with whatever furniture we could find/dig in town. trust me, that is not easy at all! Klang Valley lacks 2nd hand furniture shops. it also lacks funky, trendy furniture shop. even if there are, they usually over priced their goodies. sigh...

meantime, i've posted some pics of my room which ive stayed in (with my sis family) for almost 3 years. sad to move on but never regret a single bit.

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