Saturday, July 16, 2005

the blonde ambition......or at least until she decided to dye her hair black. but i can bet my fortune with you that she'd rather be blonde. anyways, that isn't the point, really; it is more about her latest single and that sell-out mtv which i had just seen - 'This Boots are made for Walking' (What the hell?)

i saw the mtv with the speakers turned off cos i can't stand her whiny voice. i watched it cos it was touted as the "hottest" mtv. hmm... that i could not attest cos it was really a very johnny-come-lately or in this case, jessica-come-lately? the fake tan, her oh-so-hot body (fab abs i must say), the dirrrty, sleazy get-up which it has been done so many times i.e. britney in 'im a slave for you', janet in 'if' and christina in, you guess right, 'dirrrty'. and i cant help but to think that the cowboy dance scene was really straight out frm madonna's 'don't tell me'. oh and did i mention also that she looks like shakira?

so jessica, what's new? ur red boots? did steven tyler hand it over to ya?

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