Tuesday, August 16, 2005

of bluntness and ... sadness

ive recently discovered james blunt. i am not sure he hails frm which part of the world but i do hv a hunch that it's UK; tho' i am darn lazy to google him. i esp love the track, 'tears and rain'. it's full of emotions and his powerful vocal delivers the song with so much impact so much so that you will be sad listening to it.

why do ppl enjoy being sad? hmm... but, sometimes, i do wish i am. ha! funny isnt it?

anyways, on a happier subject, it has been a darn bz month and an exciting one, too. i cant say what it is now cos i do not want to jinx it and also that ppl who read this mite jinx it for me, yaknw? yeah, u could say i am a little ... cautious these days abt whom to trust and wat to say. even to closest of frens.

and of lately, i bumped into some pretty interesting websites. personal website of ppl i knw but not close. not even acquainted. i admire their creativity in designing and maintaining it (their websites) and also the honesty they shared to the world out there. i wish i could do that .. but i simply do not hv the time.

peace out!

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