Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the pussycat dolls

i simply love their first single, 'Don cha'. So darn catchy and sexy...

'don cha wish ur gf is hot like me/ don cha wish ur gf is freak like me / don cha...'

so hot! anyways, here are some songs that i really like: -

  • 'you're beautiful' - james blunt
  • 'wake me up when sept ends' - green day
  • 'behind the hazel eyes' - kelly clarkson
  • 'lose control' - missy elliot feat. busta rhymes
  • 'outta control' - 50 cents feat. mobb deep
  • 'perfect' - alanis morrissette (acoustic version)
  • 'beverly hills' - weezer
  • 'tears & rain' - james blunt

and i love fly fm. so cool cos no commercials!

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