Wednesday, June 28, 2006

coffee and tv

i have stopped drinking coffee for 9 days and 17 hours now. there have been instances when i am dying for a cuppa. for example, when i look at a nescafe billboard while i am driving, i could instantly "smell" the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee eventho' nescafe is never or can never be freshly brewed.

so. the one million dollar question as to why i want to quit coffee. a few reasons but mainly is cos of vanity. i want a fresh breath, whiter teeth and less dehydrated face. when one consumes a cup of coffee, it dehydrates the skin faster than you can say slut in italian. and whenever i drink coffee, i do not usually multiply the amount of water to the cup/s of coffee i had consumed as per my advice by my beautician (yes, i have a beautician. laugh all you want) i.e. 1 cup of coffee = 3 cups of plain water.

i have substituted with tea ever since. i want to see how long it takes me to do this. mind over matter. i wanna challenge my will power. and of cos, ad has been quite supportive, too. i hope he quits for the same reasons as i have mentioned. and i also hope my fren (you knw who you are) could cut down, too, just so he could sleep better.

tv's been quite boring...namely all the csi series, prison break...well, yeah just those. hehe... i am kinda hook on Project Runway season 2 and 5 Takes, all from Travel & Discovery channel. The former well, i enjoy it cos i love creative people and i love to see a creative products done by individuals with their different talents coming from different background. also cos it is bitchy & very drama, too.

5 takes, well 5 takes is about travelling and discovery, to put it simply. i enjoy travelling tremendously. after coming back from my recent trip to thailand and cambodia, i am aching to go further. i really want to go india. a fren of mine is goin' to india next month. their excursion includes hiking himalaya tracks! shioknya! i told her i am officially envious o_O

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