Saturday, June 24, 2006

sic sense

i've recently come to the conclusion that Kenny Sia is not only lame, he is a total sell-out. look at ALL the LG Chocolate mobile phone pictures that our ever-so-popular Kenny is endorsing. i can understand you endorse a product, and you need to advertise it. but, not overdoing it! subtle, my fren. subtle and simple can be nice, too.

however, i will not stop reading Kenny Sia cos he is still marginally funny.

anyways, i have discovered this blogger (sic6sense) which is recommended by a fren and i must say i am totally lovin' it. not only is he funny, his writing skill is almost perfect. who would use the word HISTRIONIC? ok, how many of you guys know what it means? no, it is not HISTORY + ELECTRONIC combined. it is far from that. it means excessively emo. i learned new words, and i learned that this person is far from what i perceived him to be.

the following post is one of my many favs...

Bereft of ideas at the moment since the idiot box (re: World Cup) has taken over, I'm turning into a zombiefied lump of lard. No wonder I'm suffering a meltdown.

Hitting the treadmill like an overzealous hamster heading nowhere is cutesy but its begining to run its course. Swimming laps is great until you figured that you've been swallowing pee. All this exercise is giving me rushes and rashes for the wrong reasons.

And work. Thats why its called W-O-R-K. Its hard and gets in the way of doing things that you like. Like being a lard.

What about hobbies? Used to have millions of them like the very mundane (stamps, really) to the very expensive (watches, really). Hobbies are for those fertile with ideas and enthusiasm. I need fertility treatment.

Lets list down some ideas.


I need help.

i laughed out loud. here's another...


They say you could get blind doing so. They were right. It's blindingly pleasurable.

They say its an offence. If we dont do it regularly, the greater offence would be the corresponding increase in sexually fiendish crimes.

They say you lose many generations. We regenarate faster.

They say there's wear and tear. You do it often enough, you dont need circumcision.

They say married men shouldnt do it. Please do,its an acceptable form of cheating.

They say it stains the clothes. Dont wear white ones.

They say it will shrink. Of courselah, after you finish.

They say its embarrassing. Tell them not to watch.

They say its boring. Ask them to kiss their knuckles first. Its foreplay before masturbation.

They say its selfish. Ask them to lend a hand then.Time to go blast my way to Venus!

Mastubation gone satirical? how not to like? u tell me?

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