Monday, June 26, 2006

entertainment news

i am sure by now a lot of you have heard and seen pictures of nicole kidman and her new hubby, country singer, keith urban wedding photos. and what does tom has got to say?

"i am SUPPOSED to be the bride here!" (see picture)

yeah. whatever. oh and these pics are taken during his recent trip in tokyo. dude, white on white? and trying to be KAWAII? izzit me or scientology has totally whacked him?

rumour has it that ms minogue is preparing for her come-back CD and and her concert, which she had to call off last year when she first discovered she's got a lump in her breast. it is good to know she has fully recovered and that she is preparing for a kick-ass comeback. i cant wait.

i have been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy (GA) - a whopping 18 episodes when i was in siem reap. you see, once you have covered Angkor Wat and all the other temples around it, you practically have nothing else to do in siem reap. thanks to caroline and her laptop, we got to see all that instead of boring cable. so, back to GA. the series is still very entertaining and i like that cristina is still a cold, straight forward and a damn kiasu bitch and that 'the nazi', miranda bailey, is still bossing around the interns; but, the relationships amongst the interns and the docs are getting a bit out of hand. it's kinda tacky to see a doctor sleeping with interns or interns sleeping with interns. i am glad that they finally introduced a new character and that this person is not working in SGH (Seattle General Hospital). ok i am revealing too much here. i better stop.

off to Asia and we have got the soon-to-be or already-is veteran singer / actor, Andy Lau. he recently announced to the press that he is not gay. this is what he has replied to the question asked by an interviewer, "I am not (gay). But if you think I am, I dont think it's a bad thing (DIPLO-QUEEN!!!). Maybe my attitude has caused a misunderstanding. I've never pronounced loudly I'm not gay, and I dont think there's the need to do so." (Err...and why now ah?) i guess he needs some publicity lah. cheap take, i must say.

back at home, we've got all the hypes about our pop princess Siti Nurhaliza and her maybe-yes, maybe-no marriage with Datuk K. You see, i am usually not very interested with anything about her but she's huge. she's like David Beckham in UK. and now that she has announced to the public she is actually seeing someone and he is a Datuk, that got a lot of ppl sit up and pay attention, incl. myself and also the fact that every single local dailies featured her and Datuk K, so you really cant miss it. it is bad enuff Datuk K is divorcing his wife of 19 years for Siti, Siti is growing to look like her arch-nemesis, Datuk Sharifah Aini! it is a FAT chance Datuk Sharifah will be invited for her wedding.

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