Wednesday, April 5, 2006

10 things I hate about Jude Law

  1. He’s got a darn cool name
  2. He’s fcking good looking
  3. He’s got a beautiful girlfriend
  4. He’s got two beautiful kids with really cool names, Rafferty and Iris
  5. He bonked his nanny. And, got away with it. And got HEAPS of publicity at that
  6. He is a very good actor. Not convinced? Watch ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’, ‘AI’, ‘Alfie’ amongst others
  7. He is rich
  8. He shows off his ‘little brother’ on-screen …that’s a lot of guts. You don’t see mr ‘pukey’ Cruise does it. Not even Brad Pitt
  9. He is the new face for Dunhill’s latest men couture campaign and he looks darn good (again)
  10. He looks good even on a tabloid magazine


Paul Tan said...

i hate him because his face is so slappable. especially when he stars in bastard roles like in Closer.

_ethnwg said...

haha! i totally loathe him in 'Closer' loser role but i guess tat's wat a good actor is...the ability to project the fictional character on-screen convincingly. that is one of my all time fav show. saw it twice.