Monday, April 17, 2006

super adicolor

u knw i hate it when plans are canceled at the very last minute. it's like, what to do later? urghhh... worse is when i did not bring my gym gear out. anyways, im jus gonna pop over to ikea to check out their new collection with ad.

ive been quite disciplined lately when it comes to shopping. u see, im a semi-shopaholic. i love to shop for stuff. put me in a ikea w/ rm500.00, i can ascertain u i can come out w/ quite a number of useful things for my house. i just love to buy things. i've a penchant for shoes and bags. i love shoes and bags esp. adidas or puma. the vintage lot. and, i've recently ter-spotted this orange puma bag w/ gold zippers and all, and i am totally in love w/ it. alas, i din buy it cos i really don't need another bag *pout*

well, here's some super-cool, super-latest, super-SUPER adidas adicolor original collection (that have not reached our shore, yet)

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