Monday, April 10, 2006

perhentian, sudirman dan ... keju?

finally, i've posted some pics from my recent trip to perhentian, which i miss dearly. sigh. for more pictures click here: playgr_d

i had a great time w/ my frens over the weekend. one came over to kay-el frm cat city for work and the other got back from Anchorage, Alaska after 2 years skinning walruses there. ok i kid abt the last part. pls don't hate me, cheese :P we first planned to visit "Library, Bar & Lounge" at the Ritz Carlton as suggested by razzle dazzle. but, we changed our plan cos ad said the Souled Out ppl had recently opened a new place at The Ascott called, "789" and i thought we oughta check it out. after picking up everyone (yes, i was the chaffeur), we checked out the aforementioned place. it was packed and noisy & that was not the kinda place the majority of us would like to be in. so, we detoured to "Library, Bar & Lounge", which was our first choice. true to it's name-sake, it was... quiet, cold and very lounge-y. it was too quiet we can't stand it. henceforth, we walked over to west-in & the lounge was too 'adult' to some (no, no, not in a kinky way); tho, "qBa" on the lower ground floor looks like it has got potential. we skipped, nonetheless.

so we ended up in "Tiffin Bay", Starhill. it was my very first time there after it was opened for many months. i love that place but i can't say for the iffy uniform of the waitresses and also the yawn inducing view - of thick bamboos & fake maple leaves; also the mediocre performance of the singer on that nite.

the place has got plush furniture w/ cool fabrics. mainly, sofas in assorted shapes & sizes whilst the single armless chairs are fabricated using fabric of different colours & motives. i absolutely love the floor lamps, too, which they used crockery (white porcelain & stainless steel) stacked and glued on to each other as it's stand. ingenius, isnt it? and here's the best bit: the drinks are so affordable. a bottle of wine is RM89.00 - of cos, it is not of the top quality ones. i'm definitely returning.

the night did not end there. we proceeded to lq, half buzzed and forcing charo to tag along. i danced a little bit to the kinda music mixFm plays, and some of my frens went upstairs to check out the scene. i was not crazy getting squashed w/ the muscle marys & the twinks. jus rather sit back and relax w/ my fren & bitched abt the guy who looks like the late Sudirman but danced like there was no tomorrow (it was appalling, if u must know). i absolutely had a lot of fun. thanks to 'keju' aka Cheese, no less.

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