Monday, April 3, 2006

kiss kiss, bang bang

first up, the subject matter is not in anyway with reference to the latest porn i've downloaded. it is a movie that was released last year that did not even get to reach the censorship board because i can assure you the ppl who are responsible to bring in movies to the bigscreen locally think it is too much hassle. why? it has too much violence, containes nudity and foul language. so why bother.

second left, i read about this movie sometime back and was looking forward to check it out at the local 'dvd stores' because of the interesting plot and good reviews (and, robert downey jr.). alas, i totally forgotten to do so whenever i am in one. i am almost always distracted with other stuff, if not pornography. *blush* then, ad pointed out to me that they've got 'kiss kiss, bang bang' in the place where we usually purchase our dvds and he was very keen to see it. momentarily i was unable to connect with him when he mentioned that show until i saw the dvd. i thought i had to buy it tho' i was a little reluctant cos im tryin' to be prudent lately *blush again*

third right, the movie revolves around the life of wanna-be actors and actresses, a gay producer and a rich and successful tv host. in between there were plenty of surprises. it is dark humour at it's best, and the way the story was told, filmed and edited was impeccable. it was almost like 'snatch'. very guy richie. i felt it was a come-back for robert downey jr. and val kilmer. but it didn't take off like when 'pulp fiction' was released, which made john travolta famous again, albeit a rather short-lived one.

and final down, it is a must watch for all movie buff.


babe said...

what latest porn u have downloaded?

b here

_ethnwg said...

it's called 'lost in amazon'..muahahahaha.....

babe said...

oh when can i see it? is it at home? better burn a copy b

_ethnwg said...

u left ur cellphone at home la! hw to contact u? office no?