Thursday, January 24, 2008

I design Who?

It was SUPPOSED to be a perfect day today. I had a damn sinful breakfast - nasi lemak biasa tambah telur goreng with kuah sotong. And teh tarik.

fyi, I was not supposed to consume any beverages that contained caffeine (or nicotine :)) because it gives me Anxiety Attack. Yes, it has been confirmed because I did a self-experiement a couple of days before. I went cold-turkey and those two days had been ..... aggravating. Hey! I had to quit coffee, man! It wasnt easy but it proved a point. Just so you know, AA is not something you or we should take it lightly because it can lead to a lot of other illnesses. One such is depression or Bipolar Disorder. An excellent example is Ms. Spears.

But, I digress.

So, it was a perfect day with me doing a lot of planning at work and anticipating for a photo shoot later in the afternoon. Boy, I must admit the photo shoot of me is NOT easy! I was all nerves! Yes, that coming from someone who likes to shoot other people! I was a little self-conscious and the stylist and reporter thought I was DARN stiff! I guess I was damn self-conscious of my zits on my upper lip - yeah, of ALL places, kan? Damn malu, ok.

60 over shots and 25 minutes later, we wrapped up the photo shoot and I sighed with a huge relief! I much prefer interview because I love to talk heheee.... The interview that ensued didn't exactly went so smoothly especially when the reporter asked me this one particular question:

So who is the ultimate Interior Designer that you like? Anyone in this world.

Uh oh. I stumbled for an asnwer because I swear I did not have a favourite. Oprah Winfrey's ID, Nick? That Casa Impian Dude? (Shit I was fucking kidding!) ... she got me there. I really do not have one particular favorite designer. Is that wrong?

I struggled for a while and then I remembered the amazingly talented Muslim lady. She is of course, more famous for her architectural work/designs than that of an Interior Designer.

So I said it. That Muslim lady. I even fucking forgot her name! (the reporter was oh-so-nice-lady that she deserves a treat when the article is out. She said I can email to her later). Ouch.

If you must know, she is none other than Zaha M. Hadid. The ZAHA M. HADID!

You know the funniest thing is, I didn't make that up just so to get over the interview or pretend that I really like architecture or interior design for that matter. I really like Zaha's work except that I totally humiliated myself for forgetting her name (I think it must have been the tea this morning). Her work is an artpiece and she makes forms more fun with functions being the ... O-K I am not going to further embarass myself. I just like her.

I don't have to pretend. I know. The reporter asked Interior Designer. Zaha is a famous architect.

Damn the tea!

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adrien said...

LOL! OH zaha hadid was my chosen designer for semester 4, that my post office design completely revolved around deconstruction. she's a starchitect, so it won't matter lah. hehe. besides, she designed furniture for vitra!

ethn said...

thanks adrien but still... that was malu-fying enough.

thankfully the reporter is a really nice lady.

Now, I am prayin' really hard the photos turned out good.

damn vain rite? LOL

savante said...

So where are your pics? :P Wanna see how the shoot goes.

And no coffee?! I'd die!