Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP: Heath Ledger

I was driving to work this morning and heard a beep on my mobile indicating an incoming message. It was from a friend, C. The content of her sms was that Heath Ledger was found dead at an apartment apparently from drug OD. Another friend's message came in much later which was even more straight to the point - Heath Ledger is Dead. Reporter *roll eyes*

I was shocked, naturally and replied to her that Jake will be distraught. Well, I can't help it but she didn't think it was funny and ascertain me that she was indeed not pulling my legs.

When I started the computer in the office, the first thing I did was to check on the news. Headlines from websites particularly on entertainment news mentioned on the sudden death of this incredibly talented actor whom I admired much since "10 Things I hate about You" and I continued to like him one movie after another with Batman being the latest movie that I've listed as the must-watch movie of 2008 simply because Heath Ledger is in it. Of course, Christian Bale, too.

The buzz created from the latest Batman movie is that Ledger is the "new" Joker in the movie and seeing him with that grin in the cell from pictures posted on the world wide web and of cos, YouTube, gives me enough shiver and convinced me that he will outshine Jack Nicholson.

Alas, before the world could comment on his performance, he had left us abruptly. The movie, however, will become more famous now that he is dead. It's quite unfortunate, really. He will forever be missed by fans and family members.

Here are some images of the life of Heath Ledger - whilst browsing for his photos online, I can't help but noticed that a certain stupid Entertainment Online website put up a photo of Ledger's body all wrapped up in a black plastic bag on a stretcher (thank you Mr. Rainbow for the word :)) and the headline was "Heath Ledger: Life in Pictures". Fuck man! If I'm dead, I wouldnt want to be photographed in that way? Fucking dimwits.

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