Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love Song

I'm so hooked to a certain Mr. Khalil Fong. No, he is NOT a local singer/artiste/whatchumicallit. He is one up-and-coming HK R&B singer that the media dubbed him the "Jay Chou of HK". He spots a super doofus looking glasses (which will be in my next shopping list tho' I shoulda got one when I bot ad his in BKK) and from his blog, I think he is super talented.

I'm seriously so hooked to 'Love Song' since I heard it over at Channel V last night.

Perfect Valentine's song? You bet .... Erm, yeah, the softer side of me

"Love song, love song ..." *humming*


Mr Rainbow Man said...

a few weeks ago, I read the geeky look has become cool! Maybe that's true for asia too...

m5lvin said...

He is talented. One of the very few talented artists in HK I must say..