Monday, June 20, 2005


last sat was a taxing weekend cos i had to drive down to Port Dickson to supervise a delivery of 60pcs dining chairs to Avillion Hotel. Thru out the drive, i was accompanied mostly by leo ku and jacky cheung. some of u might go, 'whuuuu???'

hahaha... recently, im quite fond of listening to cantonese/mandarin songs. it's been a while since when i was a teen back in the 90s which i listened a lot to sandy lam, the 4 heavenly kings etc... aw c'mon, cut me some slack. we ALL have been there and done that, havent we? like, listenin and singing to new kids on the block or debbie gibson or even tommy page! man, im cringing now alrite. tommy page...who am i kiddin'

ok back to canto-pop. during the 90s, it was all about canto pop, that is, if ur a chinese, no? the ubiquitous (four) heavenly kings, and the rise of the quaintessential and my all time fav chinese female singer, faye wong. many of whom were enthralled by her melodic and mystical voice and still am to certain some. she might not possess the most powerful vocal in the likes of ah mei or sally yeh or the legendary anita, but she's got her own style and is adamant to stick to it. fck conventionality. i recently read an article on a local daily that she is contemplating to quit the entertainment biz and this writer, whom is a die-hard fan, begged her not to. and i hope she will not (any chance she is reading this?hmm...)

and if ur still interested to find out who is leo ku, his canto name is, ku kui kei, he is THE artist to look out for in canto-pop. great talent - a singer, a writer and a comic artist - whom alan tam named him as one of the 'new' 4 heavenly kings recently (i dont beg to differ, mr tam). i got really hooked to his 'keng kor kam kok' (translated, "greatest hits") medley after a fren sorta "sang" it in a karaoke not too long ago. it's a collection of old cantonese and mandarin songs from as early as the 80s to current top hits. the kinda music u listen to during long drive outstation ;)

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