Saturday, June 25, 2005

da nerd-next-door

i've recently got myself a pair of new glasses cos my old glasses is currently being "held up". why held up, one mite ask? long story, i'd rather not go there.

anyways, this is my first time wearing a thick-rimmed, dark frame glasses. The type that many ppl coined it as 'designer glasses'. Designer not in terms of brand but designer as in profession i.e. graphic designer, interior designer ... u get my drift.

boss spotted me wearing my new glasses two days ago and she was like, "Whoa, Ethan! That's very nice! You should wear glasses." Lookin at my glasses close-up now, she went on to say that i do look good without glasses BUT i look more like a designer with one. Ooo kay. my partner said i look sexy. hmm... so far so good until the kitchen staff said i look old. Well, EVERYBODY suddenly seems to be interested to give comments. Hahaha... it is interesting to get mix reviews.

Studious, 'designer look', sexy, matured, old... it's all good. I like my new look as of now cos i feel like the nerd-next-door


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