Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Some might think I am over-promoting this website, http://www.houseandco.com.my, which incidentally, is where I work; but don't get me wrong. Fact is, I am quite proud of the "final-product" and I absolutely would like to share it with a lot more people. It took me a long time to come out with the designs (fyi, this is the 2nd "issue") and a lot more time to capture the right images and settings. Of cos, I've to thank my boss, Pauline for the assistance and some of the shots that she had taken. There are plenty of room for improvement in terms of "browsability". Will look into that...meantime, do drop by for a cuppa teh tarik :)


babe said...

babe..some constructive comments...perhaps you should look into the sharpenss and clarity of the shots for your shop cus i think the colors are rather dull and need more contrast ie using photoshop to bring out the freshness/vibrancy of the colors....

in terms of browsability..well its quite innovative with the cutsie lil furniture icons and i personally loved the flower (lotus?) shots..and also the coffee bean shots as well...nice..

good job!!!

_ethnwg said...

thks for the comments! all shots mentioned were taken by me when i was lost for ideas,so, i went crazy & snapped snapped snapped ;)