Monday, June 20, 2005

i am not gonna review the movie. just want to say that i truly enjoyed the latest batman flick directed by christopher nolan (one of my fav directors). i sat thru 2 hrs and 15mins of the show albeit tired from the early morning drive to PD & 2 back-to-back classes at the gym. everything was worth it cos we managed to get the tics at the very last minute. gotta thank the dude behind the counter who gave us the tics and the damn good seat at tgv one utama.
go watch it. it didnt make a fool outta batman and yes, christian bale looks every bit the part as batman and as bruce wayne (kinda made george clooney like the "joker" for his parts :p). so does michaiel caine as alfred. in fact, every God damn actors in the movie was brilliant.

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