Thursday, June 16, 2005

never say never

it was quite a hectic and stressful day yesterday
it was like a going to the beach all prepared to have fun but it rained, instead;
the rain brought a lot of gloominess and chaos

the day began rather peacefully with lotsa of work in the office and appointments later in the noon
somewhere between appointments, i received a call frm a fren that somethin' urgent needs to be sorted out
i didnt think much about the "urgent matter" cos it was simply 'manageable' as i was chattin with her over the net
until everythin' turned bad to worse...
like an episode of the Bold & the Beautiful
absolutely dramatic and unnecessary
however trivial i think it was,
some ppl might beg to differ
...and it did.

nonetheless, everythin' was sorted out
sighs were heard frm both parties, happy and sad, angry and frustrated
it was a good lesson learnt to everyone's involved
...that never take anything for granted

as the downpour slowly turned to drizzle,
i discovered rainbow when i looked up

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