Monday, February 13, 2006

'chilling' out [pt 1]

our excursion leading to the 'chilling' waterfall which was fun, fun, fun!

thanks so much to our drill sergeant/guide, johnny. the hike was so worth it when we finally reached the waterfall cos it was cooling, tranquil albeit smoky - there were some ppl bbq-ing stuff nearby, and i dare to say therapeudic cos of the sound of the waterfall. we did some bbq, too, and wat came out of it - lamb, chicken, nasi lemak, sausages - was superb! think we can challenge steven's corner lamb chop haha! would love to do it again, really. incidentally, that day was juwene's *unprintable* birthday. serina baked her a cake and we all sang her a birthday song for her in da jungle!

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