Tuesday, February 14, 2006

new born / new blog / new recipe

a friend of mine had caught the blog's bug recently and i am thrilled cos i've got (more) blog buddies.

razzle, dazzle, puzzle. what's da buzz? well check it out urself ppl

on valentine's day yesterday i played d role of chef for my b. hehe... i knw he must be squirming when i said im gonna take over the pot and skillet and cook him a feast. feast it was not but i managed to buy him his favorite - sushi + sashimi which i presented differently (stylo-mylo lah!). i also prepared my mandarin oranges salad w/ bacon bits and cherry tomatoes (own recipe yo!). lastly, and supposedly the main course, was partially prepared by him - kimchi noodles. haha... totally enjoyed d nite at our own place without the hustle and bustle in restaurants or cafes. i totally loathe d valentine's day gimmicks...

1. send sms to ur love ones
2. buy anything in our shop/mall and u'll get a stalk of rose and red apple (err... ok)
3. love (steam)boat

bla bla blearrrrghhhhh..


yay! finally i get to see victor tan's baby boy...and before anyone else! ha! in malaysia that is! hehe...here's the adorable kenneth tan and quote the daddy:

"Baby Ken is growing day by day. Now, he's begining to make baby talk
and yesterday, for the first time, he giggles. It is fun just watching
him do all those things that we all take granted for. I wasn't aware
that it's so fascinating to watch a baby play and giggle."

aww... makes me wanna cry. and damn, i feel old now. anyways, thanks so much for the adorable pictures vic and i wanna see more soon k! and on the question when im goin' to visit new york, hmm, if i work doubly hard this yr perhaps next yr. hehe

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