Monday, February 13, 2006

"doncha wish your girlfriend is FREAK like me"

from l-r: fiona apple, kanye 'mafia' west, madonna, teri 'not-so-sexy' hatcher & kelly clarkson with her borrring dress & more borrrring performance
hehe..sorry madge. i thought the "leg-warmers" or whatchumitecallit are a bit too much. love the hair tho it is very farah fawcetty. great performance anywho! and the best dressed on that nite has got to go to john legend for his all-white get up and beyonce for her bootylicious dress. best performance in no order: mariah "puff" carey, madonna, john legend & the ensemble payin' tribute to sly stone. love joss stone and ciara.
pictures from eonline

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