Saturday, February 18, 2006

intentional procrastination

i'm currently chattin' with a fren, and from our conversation it inspires me to post (this). i have not chatted with this 'cyber' friend of mine for quite some time now, and we were catchin' up w/ what we've missed out and what not. suddenly, ideas came bursting out while talkin' to him. ideas for a certain somethin' that i have been talkin' & thinkin' about (alot) and havent had the time to sit down and work it out.

have i been intentionally procrastinating?

design. outlet. food. graphic. soar. pink. birds. ipod nano. christmas cd. pictures. furniture. interior design. magazines. trash magazines. times. songs. sugarbabes. william orbit. hello waveforms. golf. duncan sheikh. angels. brokeback mountain. photography. google. investor. funds. nasi lemak. iced lemon tea. events. sme. bank. management. good. sources. biz. inspirations. fly.

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