Friday, February 10, 2006

Mc fab!

'im lovin' it, ba da ba ba baaaa...' that's exactly what im singin' for this super-cool mcDonald's website from down under that i stumbled on this afternoon. it is very informative, colourful (they use very good images with strong vibrant colours against the black bg) & effective. the flash work is darn impressive! best bit, they've got a Nutritional Facts section where you could select from 'the menu', place it on the 'tray' and voila! it'll tell u how much of calories ur eating for a Big Mac or nuggets.

i was, for that half an hr, salivating while browsing through the website. then, reality dawned on me and reminded me that on 'Abs Diet' book, fast food is a no no if u want a flat stomach. sien. anyways, the aussie mcD is much, MUCH better compared to the local ones cos they've got more, should i say, healthy selections on their menu. i especially love the toasts, yogurt, mueslis and salads. if McDonald's of Malaysia is reading this, pls introduce more 'alternative' selections for your menu. pretty pls? cos i betcha, us, gym/work-out/sports enthusiasts will patronise mcD every other day if not everyday!

all pictures by McDonald's, Australia

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