Monday, February 12, 2007

And the Grammy goes to...

Not Justin Timberlake.

Not MJB.

It's DIXIE CHICKS! Geez. They came back with a bang, eh?

Sigh. "My predictions sunk like Titanic, " DT said.

Anyways, the good news is that Muse Studio did really well yesterday after all the hardwork ie lugging extra weights, literally, to the bazaar and sweating buckets fixing the extra shelves we brought over. It was all worth it.

Thanks a lot to those who have dropped by and bought a Muse Bag - you know who you are. Next round will be on the 25th of February. I can't wait. Seriously, cos I love the camaraderie we have with the other vendors and of cos, our regular customers. They come every week to check out our stuff tho' they have only purchased once. It is a joy to work and not work, work, yaknow.

Our next project will be ... I dunno. Painting? Accessories? Photography? CNY is the time for me to sit down and think hard about this. Some pics from yesterday.


savante said...

Why ada bunga? Chinese new Year kah?

_ethnwg said...

Yup. Our CNY decor