Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In Pursuit of Happiness

Met up a friend who was back in KL for CNY recently.

Me: So. How was your CNY?

F: It was borrrring. Eat, eat and eat.

Another friend asked me the same question...

*Cough* It was fun! *Cough*

Seriously, IT was. Even though I am still coughing and losing sleep from coughing. It was quite fun. I enjoy hanging out with my family members especially if I've got ALL of them together in the same house. For the record, I am the youngest of 7 kids. Haha...Yes, my mom did it all that is why all of us very 'sayang' her. She's the bomb although she whines and whines and whines almost all the time - when we were very young to becoming a rebellious teen to when we started working, she whines. It is every mother's requirement to do that to their kids regardless if she/he is good or bad. They whine.

So, back to my mom. Yeah, she was whining again on the 2nd day of CNY. Not on the 1st day cos she said it is bad karma. So. She did it on the 2nd day. Not to us. To the maid. I feel for her, seriously. For the maid-lah. I mean, how many human beings can take a constant whining from a lady about something that she did not do or missed out over and over and OVER. Like, a broken record? I can't. I told her this when she said,

I told her to do work, she showed me black face.

But, ma. She memang got black face what. If it was me, I will show you black-er face lah. Ur so whiny!

She was speechless.

I wanna thank her, btw, and my bro, for letting me win over at Mahjong earlier. I've never played a game that costs RM1.00 per point before. I really enjoyed it albeit having only 4 hrs of sleep the night before and sitting there for 6 hours or so. (Whoa. I gambled more than I sleep. But that was the last time I gambled). An, in between games, she started asking me the inevitable question (damn, I KNEW it was a trap).

So. When are you getting married? You're turning like, 31 soon?

You see. My ma likes to add one year more to everyone's age even if she has been corrected cos she always thinks she's right. We've gotta let her (to be right), too, lest she will play the broken record over and over.

Married? Who is getting married? I wanna win 4D!

You buy? (Her favorite subject).

Phew. I managed to evade that but I had practiced it before showing up at home prior to CNY that I would say this:

Nobody gets married these days! Look at Brad Pitt and Britney Spears. It's the century of divorce!

Thank God I did not do that. It's so fucking LAME.

Anyways, I saw a friend online earlier and asked him the same question I asked my friend (see above).

His reply was, "Eat, sleep, eat, sleep...So fat now. And I've been missing gym."

Darn. I must be the ONLY one who is Chinese and hasn't been eating a lot during CNY. I should start tomorrow with Dim Sum when Ad is back. Still, I need to hit the gym now.

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