Monday, February 26, 2007

Bandar Melaka

What do one do when they're bored in KL during CNY? Go outstation! We drove to Malacca and spent 6 hrs of fun (ok, not THAT fun, but it was nice) there. Food sucks, tho'.

{Top - Bottom} 1) Melaka in 6 hours. 2) Retro digital clocks - I really dig these retro clocks that my dad used to own. This shop collects anything and everything from F&N orange glass bottle to rusty tiffins. I suppose he believes that another person's trash is another person's treasure. Whatever, I dig it. 3) Chairs 4) Same chairs different spot. Captured this in a hotel or motel which occupied two shops in Jonker st. I love the 'trash' they used in the shop...Stark. 5) Me and the wishing well 6) The hotel/motel 'lobby' 7) BS chickin rice stall in Jonker st. It sucks. 8) BS chickin rice balls...they sucked. 9) Ad. He looks like he is in Cuba or something. 10) Kung Fu Hustle circa 1974. 11) Uncle selling CNY goodies. 12) Me selling muachis :p 13) Window to Ad 14) Lantern 15) God of Door. Fierrce. 16) Red bow 17) The shadows from the sunlight that cast on the wall & floor made this a great spot for picture.


savante said...

Makan kat tempat salah loh. i think most Malaccans don't fancy that chicken rice anyway :P

_ethnwg said...


I SHOULD have contacted you, no? Too late. It was Ad's choice and I had to say it - bad choice.

Next time we will call u