Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I almost cringed watchin' ex-Idol, Jennifer Hudson belting out the first song, "Move", of the 3 songs nominated at the Oscar from the movie, 'Dream Girls' last night. It was not that she wasn't good, she rocked it. But I was preparing for the worse cos you know, it WAS the Oscar we're talking about and a bit of a flaw will be deemed embarassing, to say the least. Flaw there was none. No, wait. There was. One of the 'cup' that holds her massive titties was showing. That was quite odd, I thought. But, it was a jiggling good performance *grin* And, Beyonce was equally powerful with her rendition of 'Listen'. She had to, I suppose, cos inevitably people will compare her performance with Hudson. She was singing against Hudson, not Mandy Moore or Jessica Simpson.

Still. I was disappointed Babel did not win for Best Movie. And, Brad Pitt did not show up for the Oscar. Tho' Gael Garcia did looking superfine.

Oscar aside. Tomorrow will be another round of singing competition with the remaining 10 male contestants and 10 female contestants the night after vying for the top spot as the next American Idol. It is obvious at this point that the girls are much, much better than the boys. The boys came out and sung some of the really borring songs if not tacky performance last week whilst the girls. They just did their thing and wowed everyone including the judges.

If anything, 8 girls should be in the final 12. If I could choose, I would pick my final 12 as...

  1. Brandon Rogers
  2. Chris Sligh
  3. Jared Cotter
  4. Jordin Sparks
  5. Lakisha Jones*
  6. Melinda Doolittle*
  7. Chris Richardson
  8. Sabrina Sloans*
  9. Stephanie Edwards*
  10. Phil Stacey
  11. Nicholas Pedro
  12. Blake Lewis*

I have a lot of favorites (*) and I hate to see them getting cut. Well, they could become the next Hudson *shrugs*

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