Friday, May 4, 2007

It won't be soon before long (Continuation)

...that I will change my blog's layout (again)
...that I will be so bogged down in shopping for other people
...that I will be dancing the night away in a swanky club
...that I will be owning a new Nikon D40x
...that I will be sun bathing next to a hot aussie in Langkawi
...that I will be listening to Maroon 5's new album
...that I will be wearing my brand spanking new shoe :p
...that I will be sipping my favorite martini in Sky Bar
...that I will be listening to my favorite music on my new iPod (preferably Feist new lp)
...that I am only really bragging. Seriously.

I have been super busy, I am kinda enjoying it. I think I'm sick.

If anything, it won't be soon before long that I will be so worn out that I think nothing else matters....maybe a massage.

1 comment:

savante said...

Only curious about the hot Aussie bit :P The rest are quite achievable.